There is no doubt that obtaining your Certificate of Registration is the first critical step into entering the real estate and property industry.

It is however very common that property professional hopefuls then struggle with obtaining the “foot in the door” opportunity once they have received their final course sign off and Certificate of Registration.

Most employers in the real estate field are seeking applicants who possess relevant working experience in the industry and therefore the challenge for new registration holders is finding an opportunity that will allow you to develop that experience and implement all the theory you have just studied.

As the real estate candidate market shifts, so does the opportunity for employers to only hire strictly experienced professionals. The impacts that Covid-19 has had on the property job market, has opened the door to entry level candidates to obtain their first working role in the sector.

There are some small steps and tricks that candidates can do to give themselves the best opportunity to stand out from the crowd and place themselves in the best position to be hired in the industry.


1. Obtain your Certificate of Registration

The most critical part of entering the real estate industry is holding a valid QLD Certificate of Registration. This will allow you to hold roles in the real estate field and continue to progress through roles in an agency.

2. Work with a recruitment company

Working with a recruitment company is the most effective way to ensure that your experience and application will be appropriately presented to the employer. Ralston Recruitment has long term working relationships with our clients and we are able to speak to them directly about who you are and the type of role you are looking to obtain. Ralston Recruitment assist in the management of the recruitment process through to offer and can assist you with information like interview preparation. This expertise will be vital in navigating through the process.

3. Identify your transferrable skills

Even though you may be new to real estate, doesn’t mean your previous working experience does not count in your application. Looking back at previous experience and roles you have had and identifying your transferrable skills forms the basis of your transition into property. Its important to identify skills you have acquired through other roles along the way and speak to how this will be a strength in your new role. Skills like customer service, time management and delegation, working under pressure, problem solving and conflict resolution are key prerequisite skills for the industry that you may have already mastered. Be sure to draw upon proven skills and speak to how you intend on use these tools again.

4. Articulate why you are passionate about the property industry

Any potential employer will be curious as to why you are interested in transitioning into property so its important to have some commentary ready as to why you are hoping to make the move.  Its important when answering this question that you address the challenges that you will face so that the employer is aware you are realistic about the role and hard work that may be involved. The employer will be looking for comfort that you have the right motivations and understand the industry even from the outside.

5. Be open to learn

You have to start somewhere! Keep an open mind about what the role and salary looks like for your first role. It is an entry level position after all and most companies will promote internally if you do show a strong performance. This is your opportunity to join a property business and learn from those around you. All roles in a business will give you great exposure and allow you the time and opportunity to decide which path in property you may wish to take from there.

Whilst it can be overwhelming to attempt to enter a new industry, there are several property businesses that are passionate about hiring candidates green and from other industries and training them in their own tailored approach.

With several entry level roles on offer in the industry, there are many avenues for you to explore and we can definitely assist in guiding you through the process.


Please do not hesitate to reach out and we can chat about your individual experience and career further and see how we can help!