How to assess company culture.

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Understanding company culture during the interview process

The interview process can sometimes feel like you are firmly on the spot, often with rapid-fire questions all about you.  But, when looking for a job you should be just as concerned as to whether the role and the company are right for you, as much as you are you about whether you are a good fit for the job. So often we are asked by candidates ‘what is the culture like?’  

There are some great questions and approaches you can adopt throughout the recruitment process to ensure you have a real sense of the company’s culture and if you think it would be a great fit for you! At the end of the day, no attractive remuneration package or flexible working arrangements can make up for a misalignment on values, and it is important to discover this early on in the piece. 

If company culture is a non-negotiable for you and a critical factor in your selection process, here are some of our suggested questions to ask throughout the process.   

What are you company values?  

In asking the question think about what you’d like to hear and watch out for any vague or generic responses. Don’t be afraid to ask the question again if your question is not answered.  

How would you describe the company’s culture?   

Simple, but very effective in getting an ‘in the moment’ response from the person or people interviewing you. 

“What is your management style”?  or “How do you like to lead your team”?  

These are simple questions but very impactful and will give you an insight into the style of leadership you can expect when joining the organisation.

What do you think are the things a successful candidate will need to demonstrate to succeed in this role? 

This may reveal far more than just culture and will provide a great insight into the personality traits they believe will be important and another great indicator of ‘fit’. 

How would someone in this role work best with the rest of the team?   

This will reveal a lot as to whether for example collaboration is important and expected or if it’s heads down and focus on your own work. 

What does growth and career development look like?   

For many, the opportunity to grow and progress in a role or organisation is critical. This question can also be linked to why the role you are applying for has arisen. Is it due to an internal move or promotion?  

Cultural fit is such an important factor when making your next career decision.  Time and again we see that when there is a misalignment of values the employment journey can be a short one.  

For more help in understanding what is important to you in your next role and how best to assess during the selection process please reach out to our recruitment team.  We’re here to help you find the right opportunity and make a career decision that is right for you.