2024 Building
Management Benefits &
Salary Report

Whether you’re hiring or seeking your next career move, understanding the motivations behind the industry is key to your success.

Drawing from a comprehensive survey of property professionals across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, our 2024 benchmarking report is an invaluable tool for both employers and job seekers.
What’s inside?
Key Market Insights

Salary is a major motivator for building manager turnover, with 32% making it their top priority. But what else? Discover surprising insights into career progression, work-life balance, and the strategies companies must adopt to win the battle for talent.

Actionable Strategies for Employer and Jobseekers

Reveal data-driven insights into building manager expectations in 2024. For employers, ensure you’re offering competitive packages to attract top talent. For jobseekers, benchmark your experience against market rates and negotiate effectively for your worth.

Jobseeker Motivations

Discover the factors beyond salary that drive building manager career decisions. Gain the insights you need to transform your hiring strategy to attract and retain market leading professionals.


Is your staff compensation on target with market rates? Discover salary trends for building managers across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. For jobseekers, understand your market value and negotiate with confidence.
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